Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Ships Of Dreams, Boats To Float, Dances In Winds, Birds To Fly, Blue Skies.

Man In Blue, Marines In Best Suit, Uncle Sam, thanks so much, G. I. Jose, military past and present. Round Worlds: Heaven notes, worlds to see, shapes and six stars, days under the sky. Wishes, dreams and prayers, stars out tonight. Stars bright, and stars blue, what a site toe dead. Coins for the dead, coins for the sons, coins for the frogs to see on the left sides. Black And White Matter, Notes And Tips, Noses Views.

Hard Knocks, Movie Rights, good times, lost in time and space, songs to sing. Princess Whale, the bitch of West coast, Rachel Jarrot, expired in 2015, like granny in 2012. Glory days gone, Rach Jarrot, now flipping faces, out of her skin. New skin, new looks, new names for butches, Rach Jay, new butch on board. Tips and tales, coins to flip, views of old and new, Rach Jay. Faces in blogs, names in funny pictures, to start, both names to record now. Land whale, see new cow, born December 25? 2015. Frog to snake, or snake to frog, another fish in the seas. 

Big and Strong Angel: March 2016: Veterans Prey, Monkey Dodgers, Monkey Types... Peace and Love by the sea -Monkey games, monkey cars. Family Of Jackasses In Fields, Family trees, good times, in the hills and valley of donkeys. Happy New Year 2016, year of the monkey, what fun. All my monkey hits, ready to post, Rach Jay , and Steven Jarrot, 7608512267 seven snakes alive, donkeys in next life. Movies made of other lovers: Rachel and Sima Jarrot, fag hags, cum sluts, funny faces, monkeys to dodge, notes online to share. Made this year the best yet, party on. Great day on right side of grave, happy for classes on the beach, RV camping for 6 years, hard to say, how long in hell. Snake dens part of hills... more »

Tips, Tales, Faces To Snakes, Freaks Out To Rob Veterans, History Notes.

Snake Dens: Cum Suckers.....Ads on craigslist done while girlfriends were sleep, while girlfriends worked cheater searches for black women, that he can steal from like the displace veteran, that he wanted to die for him in fire in RV August 17, 2012. Faces of lovers, faces of frogs, faces with lots of love, faces in the mirror, hands in the faces, faces with hands, funny and sad, faces to delight, cum for the joys.

There are more people that have stories to tell about how they trusted Steven, and got the Jewish solution of Fuck you, in more than one way. It is how Paul and Sima Jarrot taught their kids. It does not matter who gets in the way of the crocked deals with cars, motorcycles, RV, and anyway transportation, trades for sex with other men for Steven Jay Jarrot, he calls his self the oral specialist of craigslist, late night of course. Steven likes the men that are dark because they have a bigger stick to suck and stick up his big button backside, and he will do it for nothing because he likes it so much. He had beenlovemygems@yahoo.com, now it islovemygems1962@yahoo.com, and can be reach at 7608512267. Tags: charley jarrot, hopedailynow@yahoo.com, Rachel Jarrot,Steven Jay Jarrot...This entry was posted on Thursday, June 13th, 2013....

 Cum for the turns on the faces of frogs, oral talents to trade, glory holes open, Roach Jay, faces of dykes, Reese Smith, faces of butches, lots of love, lots of laughs, faces in the mirror, games to play, balls in the air, life on the shores. Games in sands, games on beaches, Tin Can Affairs, RV campers for life. Crooks on wheels, crooks on the corner, tricks and trades, cum for a dollar, dicks in lines, gangs bang pimps, games with dicks, cash in hands. 
Faces of lovers, faces of rats, horse and pony shows, blow jobs on the run, nuts to go, a dime for a dick, cum for the tasteful delights, games on the sands of time.  RV Dreamer:Steven Jarrot ... - Pinterest...Love and devotion given with car stolen May 9, 2013 at apartment of lovers for cash returns stolen and spent on scooters deals for fun and games,


  1. Butches to date, Rachel Jarrot, faces of dogs, Rach Jay, tips online, Sheri and Sima Jarrot, lovers still, back in time, sluts on poles, dances for dollars, cheap tricks to turn. Pimps on call, sluts and dicks in lines, trades and tricks, cash and credit, nuts to go, day jobs, blow jobs on the run. Steven Jarrot, Tin can affairs, 7608512267, whale on land, out of gas, RV campers stuck on the side of the road. Paths taken to rob and steal, never in the same place, crooks on the run, dream life on wheels, life of dreams.

    “Mean Girls” Classes Of Bitches, dreams in drama, hits and misses, cults of dogs.....lots of love, lots of luck, lots of laughs, role models to sit and spin, glory dazes done, once to much.

    Movies made of other lovers: Rachel and Sima Jarrot, fag hags, cum sluts, funny faces, monkeys to dodge, notes online to share. Made this year the best yet, party on. Great day on right side of grave, happy for classes on the beach, RV camping for 6 years, hard to say, how long in hell. Snake dens part of hills... more »....

  2. Ways to grow. Lots of tips, lots of love, lots of hard knocks online. Ships that have passed in the night. Waves and rocks to dogs, boats to float, birds in the sky. Not sure about the name, have to see if I remember the words again. On another note have a story of a man and a woman that had a hard time staying together. Cow to buffalo ruled for example of dream woman for the daddy, and he had to see her all the time, points of focus I guess, RV Camper from Ventura looks like, on stand by to go to Uplands to see the cow for flyin monthly, no lack of funds for that. Thanks to Granddaddy in Clairmont.

    Steven Jay Jarrot, is a snake and ...https://plus.google.com/.../posts/hRpW1uye4aE‎ ...t was just like a slap in the face, Steven Jay Jarrot, is a snake and also the prince of frogs. How could he think he was so charming, truthful and honest, and a man ... Change the names and call it a love song?

  3. Feed the animals in the barn, the kids, the goats, Jesus Christ, born in a barn. Saints and Sinners, Earth Angels, Wishes Done... Wigs will do, colored hair will work, locks of hair, bags to sell to Rachel Jarrot, good times, party and play with a snake today. Fags and dykes, butches to bitches to cum lick, blow jobs 300 a day. Rach Jay, Rachel Butch, Rachel Jarrot, Reese Uritas Smith, Sheri Gooshiter Jarrot, Manny Strong, turns on the dick less freaks, Steven and Charlie R. Jarrot, 7608512267 to date, pimps at 9099200725.

  4. Coming Soon...lots of lpve, lots of tests over time. singing songs 2. Justin Bieber - Get Used To It (Audio).....Veterans Prey...Dates with monkeys, dates and songs of the monkey times, how much of a ape, that monkey was. Words to work, words to write, words to tell the horror stories. Songs to hear, dances to do, songs and singers on the radio.Dances for the lovers, dances for the sinners, dances for the good times, bumps in the roads, happy for the hits of love and happiness. Dances for the time of your life, the best is yet to cum, dances on the sands of time. Fires started in my heart, just after dark, views in the mirror

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